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Whether it be stepping into a board meeting, closing that all important deal, having your first date or simply going about your daily life, remember to always make the first impression count.

LeScent is dedicated in delivering the very best in quality beauty & scented products and giving access to our handcrafted products blended right here in Sydney, Australia.

As our business grows, we will eventually bring in more products from car fragrances, candles and roomsprays just to name a few.

Fragrance world can be confusing, overwhelming and potentially expensive. There are a abundant of different notes, fragrance houses, designers and bottles that often very expensive. As a result, trying to find that fragrance that is right for ‘YOU’ could be time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

This is where LeScent come in! We provide a bespoke sample service of our creation that enables the wearer to make a more informed buying decision about a fragrance, or to just try a wide range of fragrances without the full bottle cost.

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