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What is a Perfume Atomiser and Why You Need One 

A perfume atomiser is a applicator that sprays a  fine mist for convenient and more efficient delivery.

Perfume atomisers have become a necessity for scent enthusiasts because they’re incredibly lightweight, durable, have a remarkable fragrance delivery and are easy to refill.

This tool changed the perfume industry by allowing you to take and wear your perfume or body mist anywhere without carrying the full-size bottle or wasting a considerable amount of product. Still, the question remains, how do perfume atomisers work?

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Contrary to what it might sound like, atomizers do not magically break down liquid molecules on an atomic level. But, they do make excellent use of two important principles to help with fluid distribution: suction and airflow.

The suction is produced when air flows over a tube that’s submerged in the perfume. This air is usually stored in a squeeze bulb that’s designed to create suction which pulls the liquid perfume out of the reservoir and to the nozzle.

How to Use a Perfume Atomiser

Using a perfume atomiser is pretty straightforward, and anyone can quickly figure it out. All you have to do is pull it out of your pocket or purse, remove the top and push on the spray head to mist its contents.

Benefits of Perfume Atomisers

For something so small, the perfume atomiser sure packs a lot of benefits for people who simply can’t or don’t prefer to carry their full-sized perfume bottles around.

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While they may not be able to carry large amounts of liquid perfume at a time, the fact that perfume atomizers are easy to refill makes them an even more attractive accessory to have. You don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple atomizers unless you want multiple scents available at once.

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How Do You Fill a Perfume Atomiser?

Knowing how to refill your perfume atomiser is as important as buying it. But not to worry, the process is simple.

First, disassemble the atomiser by twisting the hard case like a lipstick and then pulling the top outwards to reveall the glass atomiser then unscrew the top.

Next, put a small funnel into the bottle’s opening and pour the fragrance through the funnel into the reservoir. Or, simply spray the perfume from its original bottle directly into the funnel.

Finally, reassemble the atomiser by screwing the top of the bottle and put the glass vial back in the aluminum case and you’re all done and ready to spray.

Give yourself the chance to enjoy a confident, fulfilling, and happy day every day by having your trusty fragrant perfume with you all day.

With a perfume atomiser sitting pretty in your purse or pocket, you’ll have all the backup that you need to smell nice all day long.