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The Prestige Collection experience opens its doors to the unique world of perfumery.


The quality of Collection Prestige fragrances comes from a solid alliance between enthusiasts and professionals

in the world of French perfumery. Each fragrance is the result of rigorous selection of the most recognized and appreciated scents, associated with the best ingredients but also of a very particular attention paid to the details which surround the juices. Collection Prestige offers you a mix scents to wear both everyday and for more sophisticated occasions.

All Collection Prestige products are entirely made in France.

Collection Prestige relies on a team of craftsmen who have been passionate about fragrances for several generations. Through their precious know-how, their requirements, they perpetuate artisanal working methods to bring the highest French quality so envied in the world in the field of perfumery.

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- Aissam & Amine | Founders Prestige Collection Absoluta


Collection Prestige Paris is an artisanal crafted range of luxury fragrances straight from "The Perfume Captial" Grasse France. Independently bottled and owned, each scent is crafted using the highest quality, locally grown and harvested ingredients to create some of the highest quality essence oils . Experience and knowledge is passed down to generations of perfumers and enthusiasts who are Artisan's in their respected craft. Collection Prestige Paris will leave a long lasting impression that oozes class and luxury with different notes showcasing its uniqueness as hours go by.


  • Magnetic plug

  • Compact design

  • Travel ready

  • Long lasting

  • Luxury without the price tag